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Never Settle

If you share yourself with others and they choose not to respect but use and abuse your kindness and trust. Don’t give them the power to break you down… Sure compromise is everything, but when the other person is unable to see past themself, it’s time to let go for your own self-preservation. Find theContinue reading “Never Settle”

Make it count – I’m over on tiktok peeps. I’ve gone dark here as I can’t do it all. â˜®ðŸ–¤â˜€ï¸

Digital Art Greeting Message

🖤Find my art page on Facebook here.🖤 🖤 If it wasn’t for the funding that goes into Cancer Research UK, I would not be here. 🖤 The meds I am on keep me alive. They didn’t exist 2 years previous to my diagnosis. 🖤When I was diagnosed I went downhill pretty quick after my op.Continue reading “Digital Art Greeting Message”