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How cancer mentally tests you

What does acceptance look like? I’ve had to dig deep for this level of acceptance that this is just the way the whole process is. The fight for me has been more about getting basic care than actually battling cancer. I have had to let go of the frustrations and the continual cycle of disorganizationContinue reading “How cancer mentally tests you”

Action Your Own Advice

In my last article found here, I shared tips for coping with mental well-being especially when it came to social media and losing yourself in the distractions of articles that may or may not be healthy for your well-being. Everything in our lifestyle must be for our highest good and we get to decide whatContinue reading “Action Your Own Advice”

No Right Or Wrong Way

We will all face challenges and adversity in one way or another. How we choose to accept and manage it is a personal experience. There is no one size fits all. Our truth will resonate with some and not others. And that is ok. We are not here to judge one another or invalidate howContinue reading “No Right Or Wrong Way”

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Anything thrown on your path can strengthen resolve or break it, so choose which one you allow.

Can’t Be Everyone’s Cup of Tea

I have been painfully reminded through the world of tik tok. You and your methods are not everyone’s cuppa. And so with the light comes the dark. Some people are just not ready for what you have to say and that’s ok. You just need to remember to plant your seeds in soil that’sContinue reading “Can’t Be Everyone’s Cup of Tea”

Melanoma Awareness Month

🖤May is Melanoma Awareness Month🖤 so felt this was rather fitting to share. Please check your skin. And watch the sun. It’s not worth a tan. Trust me. 2 years ago once upon a dream I was having a ball at Hochanda with Jacqueline, and being on the telly box demoing Powertex.  5 days laterContinue reading “Melanoma Awareness Month”

Guided Meditation

So my Hospice are as ever the most amazing people on the planet if you ask me. My counselling sessions finished and I know I can go back to them at anytime. But I also know the resources are there for everyone and I am very conscious of taking up their time. Of course IContinue reading “Guided Meditation”

Be Your Beautiful Self

The whole catalyst for my own self development has been my cancer. Learning to adapt and change instead of using precious energy wishing things were different. How do we grow? Realising the cycles in life we face bring environments and people into them. In order that we learn, grow and become the best version ofContinue reading “Be Your Beautiful Self”

Learn Something New Everyday

I haven’t felt the urge to write much of late. Darker days have crept in through being locked away again for the foreseeable future, here in the uk. So I have been binging on baywatch reruns, yes the original with the Hoff! And playing assasins creed on the xbox. Well why not right. I amContinue reading “Learn Something New Everyday”

Seasons Greetings

My cancer continues to be the gift that keeps giving. Due to the fact that it allows me to be in a bubble with my parents. Silver linings and all that. So I feel very blessed and grateful to be looked after and loved at this time. I know some people out there aren’t soContinue reading “Seasons Greetings”