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How cancer mentally tests you

What does acceptance look like? I’ve had to dig deep for this level of acceptance that this is just the way the whole process is. The fight for me has been more about getting basic care than actually battling cancer. I have had to let go of the frustrations and the continual cycle of disorganizationContinue reading “How cancer mentally tests you”

Social Media Overwhelm

Can you find a balance with social media? I recently decided that all social platforms weren’t doing my mental health any good. As someone who loves to communicate and wishes to share all the knowledge and experience gifted to me in the last 4 years after a terminal cancer diagnosis, this has been difficult butContinue reading “Social Media Overwhelm”

Action Your Own Advice

In my last article found here, I shared tips for coping with mental well-being especially when it came to social media and losing yourself in the distractions of articles that may or may not be healthy for your well-being. Everything in our lifestyle must be for our highest good and we get to decide whatContinue reading “Action Your Own Advice”

How To Be Your Own Cheerleader

Does my reality matter? It’s challenging and painful to be around those who will not understand your reality and can only see life as they lead it and try to push that agenda onto you through criticism and lectures. When you come across a hurdle and need a little compassion, you are challenged and criticisedContinue reading “How To Be Your Own Cheerleader”

What Have You Done For You Lately?

So my ongoing battle to try and get a health care professional to try and take responsibility for my vitamin D levels and thyroid is continuing. The time wasted by myself, the GP and Oncologist debating over whose job it is, is ridiculous. In the meantime, my fatigue levels are worsening. I just want toContinue reading “What Have You Done For You Lately?”

Never Settle

If you share yourself with others and they choose not to respect but use and abuse your kindness and trust. Don’t give them the power to break you down… Sure compromise is everything, but when the other person is unable to see past themself, it’s time to let go for your own self-preservation. Find theContinue reading “Never Settle”

Expect the Unexpected.

So today the council have unexpectedly shut off the road right outside my house, which is used as a short cut and back entrance to my town. The amount of people who seem unable to accept the cones blocking off the road and the big sign saying road closed is actually fascinating. And the annoyanceContinue reading “Expect the Unexpected.”

It’s Easier Said Than Done

There is partial truth in it’s easier said than done. But nothing worth having is easy. If you get to the point you’re pushed to make a change after being under extreme pressure. Say like an illness that limits your time and energy or a breakdown, you need to make a choice. When I gotContinue reading “It’s Easier Said Than Done”

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Anything thrown on your path can strengthen resolve or break it, so choose which one you allow.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

When you’re chasing the end result, sometimes you’re missing the most important lessons and experiences on the journey. Happiness is the journey, not the destination. Mindful moments vlog now up on my youtube. Follow the link here for more. Your life, your rules. Stay blessed Anna ☮🖤🌻