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Social Media Overwhelm

Can you find a balance with social media? I recently decided that all social platforms weren’t doing my mental health any good. As someone who loves to communicate and wishes to share all the knowledge and experience gifted to me in the last 4 years after a terminal cancer diagnosis, this has been difficult butContinue reading “Social Media Overwhelm”

Coping with Cancer

How do you cope mentally as a cancer patient? I live 3 monthly. That’s when I have scans to check whether the medication continues to keep the tumours at bay. I refuse to waste energy worrying about the scans, results or the hospital administration and communication issues that have plagued me since being diagnosed inContinue reading “Coping with Cancer”

Trust the Process

Part of the process is inevitably going to be wandering around in the dark not knowing where the next step is going to take you. But trust and belief you have all the tools you need to make your way through, so releasing the need for control and embracing all that crops up along theContinue reading “Trust the Process”

Action Your Own Advice

In my last article found here, I shared tips for coping with mental well-being especially when it came to social media and losing yourself in the distractions of articles that may or may not be healthy for your well-being. Everything in our lifestyle must be for our highest good and we get to decide whatContinue reading “Action Your Own Advice”

What Have You Done For You Lately?

So my ongoing battle to try and get a health care professional to try and take responsibility for my vitamin D levels and thyroid is continuing. The time wasted by myself, the GP and Oncologist debating over whose job it is, is ridiculous. In the meantime, my fatigue levels are worsening. I just want toContinue reading “What Have You Done For You Lately?”

No Right Or Wrong Way

We will all face challenges and adversity in one way or another. How we choose to accept and manage it is a personal experience. There is no one size fits all. Our truth will resonate with some and not others. And that is ok. We are not here to judge one another or invalidate howContinue reading “No Right Or Wrong Way”

Presence is the BEST present

I am unable to speak on behalf of anyone else. But for me last year just flew by. The last 7 months and counting being taken up with health issues and hospital because of side effects from the cancer meds. Now don’t get me wrong I am grateful to be breathing air. And I didContinue reading “Presence is the BEST present”

It’s Easier Said Than Done

There is partial truth in it’s easier said than done. But nothing worth having is easy. If you get to the point you’re pushed to make a change after being under extreme pressure. Say like an illness that limits your time and energy or a breakdown, you need to make a choice. When I gotContinue reading “It’s Easier Said Than Done”

Stay True to YOU!

Apparently, my brain was eager to slip into processing and reframing old conditioned beliefs this morning. When are you going to grow out of it? And so took me back to a time when people would happily say to me when are you going to grow out of….? insert said thing that they felt uncomfortableContinue reading “Stay True to YOU!”

Be Your Own Bestfriend

Why love yourself first? In order to even be able to understand or know what love is we must first love ourselves. The key to unlocking that door has always been within us. To accept and love every part of ourselves, not hide away or dismiss it. Becoming comfortable with who we are as aContinue reading “Be Your Own Bestfriend”