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Coping with Cancer

How do you cope mentally as a cancer patient? I live 3 monthly. That’s when I have scans to check whether the medication continues to keep the tumours at bay. I refuse to waste energy worrying about the scans, results or the hospital administration and communication issues that have plagued me since being diagnosed inContinue reading “Coping with Cancer”

No Right Or Wrong Way

We will all face challenges and adversity in one way or another. How we choose to accept and manage it is a personal experience. There is no one size fits all. Our truth will resonate with some and not others. And that is ok. We are not here to judge one another or invalidate howContinue reading “No Right Or Wrong Way”

Presence is the BEST present

I am unable to speak on behalf of anyone else. But for me last year just flew by. The last 7 months and counting being taken up with health issues and hospital because of side effects from the cancer meds. Now don’t get me wrong I am grateful to be breathing air. And I didContinue reading “Presence is the BEST present”

It’s Easier Said Than Done

There is partial truth in it’s easier said than done. But nothing worth having is easy. If you get to the point you’re pushed to make a change after being under extreme pressure. Say like an illness that limits your time and energy or a breakdown, you need to make a choice. When I gotContinue reading “It’s Easier Said Than Done”

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

When you’re chasing the end result, sometimes you’re missing the most important lessons and experiences on the journey. Happiness is the journey, not the destination. Mindful moments vlog now up on my youtube. Follow the link here for more. Your life, your rules. Stay blessed Anna ☮🖤🌻

Be Your Own Bestfriend

Why love yourself first? In order to even be able to understand or know what love is we must first love ourselves. The key to unlocking that door has always been within us. To accept and love every part of ourselves, not hide away or dismiss it. Becoming comfortable with who we are as aContinue reading “Be Your Own Bestfriend”

It’s all about you

If you haven’t made your life all about YOU. Then why not? We were all created individuals for a reason. With our own experiences making up our thought processes and allowing us to choose and create our own lifestyles. If any of that doesn’t feel right to you. Your body and emotions are on redContinue reading “It’s all about you”

Digital Art Greetings

🖤 Coming Soon! New Launch! 🖤 🖤 In May 2019 I was diagnosed with terminal skin cancer. 🖤 I am finally finding a quality of life with my terminal illness. 🖤 Many words of encouragement were sent to brighten my day. To return the kindness I reignited my passion for graphic design. 🖤 To createContinue reading “Digital Art Greetings”

Mental Health Matters

Self care = Take a drive. Listen to your fave music. Sing and dance in your car like a crazy to your fave music. Ground yourself on the beach. Listen to the waves. And breathe in the pure essence of nature. Job done. Thank your car for being amazing. She is pretty fly. Thank theContinue reading “Mental Health Matters”

Mental Health Week

Being as it is mental health week. I figured I would share my love and gratitude for Hospice in the Weald and the counselling service and physio they have provided me. Thank you to Sarah my physio, Sophie my counsellor, Jane my wellness coach, Caroline for reiki. And Yiannis in the day centre for myContinue reading “Mental Health Week”