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Heart of an Empress, Rosehart Studio, Artist, Powertex
You are out of this world! Shine bright like the star you are!

Anna Emelia Howlett – living with cancer, sharing my story, being an Empress.

Hi my name is Anna, and on 7th May 2019 at age 37 my whole world changed when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I have Melanoma which is in my muscle, bones and liver. I called my cancer Noma and decided to make friends with her. I figured if I made friends with her, and showed her some respect and she would do the same in return. Because she is part of me and I am beautiful which makes her beautiful too. So far this is working and my treatment is keeping me stable. I’m here to share my story, wisdom and love for everything I’ve tried so far on this roller coaster. Long may it last. Before I got ill I was pursuing my dreams of being an artist. You can follow my art at Rosehart Studio. I haven’t felt stable or energetic enough to create but hope to get back on it soon. Angel hugs Anna xxx Find me over on Instagram.

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