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No Right Or Wrong Way

We will all face challenges and adversity in one way or another. How we choose to accept and manage it is a personal experience. There is no one size fits all.

Our truth will resonate with some and not others. And that is ok. We are not here to judge one another or invalidate how they choose to face it.

I thank cancer for being the warning sign in my body to flag the changes and choices I needed to make for my highest good. To look after myself and love myself better. A gift that opened my eyes to the true meaning of life and allow me to rethink and reframe the world I had created around me. Helping me to step into the best version of myself. It also brought me the most physical pain, fear, chaos and darkest moments I have ever experienced in my life to date. But also showed me a way to work with and alongside the light and dark. I will not allow it to define or disempower me.

It showed me the kindness and empathy of strangers. And revealed the true colours of the real supporters in my life. My ideals will be like no others. And I respect that the way I accept and find peace with what has happened will not be the same for others. Respect and understanding are a two-way street.

Know however you choose to manage your life and the challenges it brings. You do not need others to agree or understand. As long as it works for you, you become living proof that your way is the right way for you.

Peace, love and prosperity. Anna x

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Sharing my terminal cancer story.

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