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Presence is the BEST present

I am unable to speak on behalf of anyone else. But for me last year just flew by. The last 7 months and counting being taken up with health issues and hospital because of side effects from the cancer meds.

Now don’t get me wrong I am grateful to be breathing air. And I did sign a huge piece of paper when I signed up for them understanding the risks. And statistically have already blown the staying alive past 3 years marker outta the water, and seen another Christmas which I never saw coming.

Last year my gift to everyone was my existence. Things are tight and I know I am not the only one. But I am fortunate to be around those who treasure the gift of being in good company over material objects that you can’t take with you when it is time to leave. I personally think people’s presence is the best present. That is something that you can’t keep forever or get back once it’s gone.

It is something to be appreciated in the moment while you have it there and not to be taken for granted. I feel the base emotions people experience are shock and regret when they lose a person because they awaken to how much they wish they had made more of the time and energy they had together. Now more than ever we must be proactive and appreciate all we have before we lose it for good.

Happy New Year. Stay blessed and beautiful. Peace, love, and prosperity Anna 💜☮✌

Thank you for being here. If you enjoy my content please scribe and feel free to leave any of your thoughts in the comments section. You can also find me at HeartofAnEmpress on Instagram. And on my You Tube Channel.    

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Sharing my terminal cancer story.

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