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Expect the Unexpected.

So today the council have unexpectedly shut off the road right outside my house, which is used as a short cut and back entrance to my town.

The amount of people who seem unable to accept the cones blocking off the road and the big sign saying road closed is actually fascinating. And the annoyance and anger it is causing is incredulous. If people just accepted it for what it is and use that time and energy for finding another way, they would waste less of everything.

It seems that we have become a society of non thinkers, with the lack of ability to find solutions to problems that arise on our path. As if we are entitled and expect for our day not to be impeded by anything, and we are the only important people in the world.

And the amount of people who’ve stopped and grumbled for the need for answers is hilarious… the answer is the road is closed you doughnut…. ha, ha.

I would hate to think what the reactions of those walking round in their worlds would be to a life altering health diagnosis.

Sometimes we need a perspective shift to allow us to realise that a response over reaction to what is ahead of us in a controlled manner allows our inner peace and calm to remain in balance and aligned. In order we have the ability to face anything that is ahead of us with more ease and less disturbance. When we make it worse than it is, it just makes the whole process harder on ourself. And who needs that really…..

But I guess it takes a life altering experience to make you realise and appreciate the bigger picture in the world. And also, makes you a pro at finding solutions to constantly arising problems…. in my humble experience.

Peace, love and prosperity. Anna ✌🖤☮

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Sharing my terminal cancer story.

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