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Be Your Own Bestfriend

Why love yourself first? In order to even be able to understand or know what love is we must first love ourselves. The key to unlocking that door has always been within us. To accept and love every part of ourselves, not hide away or dismiss it. Becoming comfortable with who we are as aContinue reading “Be Your Own Bestfriend”

React or Respond

Life would be a miserable place indeed if we chose to see the negative connotations in all circumstances. I am by no means belittling the seriousness of a perceived event, however each one of us works from our mind’s perceptions, it’s liberations and limitations. These are the choice of our own realisation’s, and we decidedContinue reading “React or Respond”

It’s all about you

If you haven’t made your life all about YOU. Then why not? We were all created individuals for a reason. With our own experiences making up our thought processes and allowing us to choose and create our own lifestyles. If any of that doesn’t feel right to you. Your body and emotions are on redContinue reading “It’s all about you”

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