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How cancer mentally tests you

What does acceptance look like? I’ve had to dig deep for this level of acceptance that this is just the way the whole process is. The fight for me has been more about getting basic care than actually battling cancer. I have had to let go of the frustrations and the continual cycle of disorganization…

Social Media Overwhelm

Can you find a balance with social media? I recently decided that all social platforms weren’t doing my mental health any good. As someone who loves to communicate and wishes to share all the knowledge and experience gifted to me in the last 4 years after a terminal cancer diagnosis, this has been difficult but…

Coping with Cancer

How do you cope mentally as a cancer patient? I live 3 monthly. That’s when I have scans to check whether the medication continues to keep the tumours at bay. I refuse to waste energy worrying about the scans, results or the hospital administration and communication issues that have plagued me since being diagnosed in…

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