My terminal cancer journey.

Welcome to Heart of an Empress. A place where Anna Emelia Howlett shares the highs and lows of Metastatic Melanoma and her journey living with incurable cancer.

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The Heart Of The Matter

If I have come to learn anything in the last year. The biggest lesson is that when we show up to each moment it’s for ourself. Every moment we continue to breathe is for us. The path we walk is ours and ours alone. The choice is ours. No one elses. Who are you livingContinue reading “The Heart Of The Matter”

Gratitude Attitude

Before a life with cancer. I actually thought I was grateful for all I had in life. I mean I was. It’s not like I was a bad person or anything. I always say hindsight is a wondrous concept. And I guess I was in a time of my life where I was doing theContinue reading “Gratitude Attitude”

The Power Of Love

Take It Away Folks….. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that cancer for me has been a life altering experience for the better. And if you said I could go back to the future (yes, I did that), not get ill and someone could take it away. I would say no thank you.Continue reading “The Power Of Love”

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